Your Guide to Hiring Access Equipment

Your Guide to Hiring Access Equipment

Your Guide to Hiring Access Equipment

Workers in construction and other similar industries are being told to be increasingly vigilant when it comes to hiring access equipment and with good reason too. After all, the probability of accidents and permanent injury is rife in such environments, and care in every aspect much be taken. The type of equipment used is undoubtedly a key component of this. There may also be a few things that could slip your mind as a project manager perhaps, especially if you are new to the job; which is why this article may come in handy.

Pre-Delivery Inspection

Sure, the company you are hiring from will always tell you their products are the best, because well, that is just how things work. But it is your responsibility to be thorough, and this includes pre-delivery inspection. In other words, before you have the equipment delivered to you, you need to visit the supplier and analyse it. Where necessary, ask to see certifications guaranteeing the safety and reliability of the equipment. Test it yourself is possible, or ask them to test it for you, keeping a very close eye on it at all times.

Condition of the Equipment

Another reason you should visit them in person is because the last thing you want is hiring equipment that looks like it served in building Caesar’s palace. The age of the equipment plays a major role in its condition, which may be evident in dents, scrapes and the overall look, although you should not make this the sole basis for your decision. After all, paint jobs can cover up all those flaws, without giving any sign as to the internal workings of the equipment, which is kind of what really matters at the end of the day. Look for places like Height 4 Hire who have been doing this for a while, and have established a name for themselves for your peace of mind.

Ask Them to Walk You through It

If you are unfamiliar with any equipment you are hiring, and if you are responsible for hiring them in the first place, ask for a crash course about what you are unfamiliar with.Get a thorough explanation about it, and especially about what you should do in the event of a breakdown or malfunction. You can also ask them to walk you through the safety manual, so you know exactly what to look for when you need it.

Customer Support

There are many companies who are willing to give you the sun and the stars at the point of making a sale, but precious little when they are done with it. In fact, sometimes it is downright impossible to get through to anyone, and after a while you’ll give up. Do not just walk away taking their word for it. Ask them for assurance on reliable customer service, and what they do to help their clients in need. Are they available 24/7? If not, is there an emergency number you can contact? What sort of solutions can they offer you in such a situation? Be sure to request all details, and have a number you can contact immediately.

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