Why Choose A Bending Machine?

Why Choose A Bending Machine?

Why Choose A Bending Machine?

The basic functionality for all bending machines is to bend a sheet of metal. Whole sheets of metal are ideally bent into various angles and formations as per the requirements of construction. Industries like the automotive and manufacturing industry have great uses for bending machines as they produce an end product which is customized and made as per their requirements. These powerful machines that are able to humble steel itself come with their own specialized features. Let’s take a look at some of them.


Sheet bending machines have the capability of making big right angles and curved folds on whatever metal they are used on. The secret lies in the extreme power of the pressure exerted on these sheets which essentially deforms the metal and converts it into the dimension and shape required. The principle on how this is done is pretty simple when you think about it, the metal sheet is set on a flat surface and these sheets are secured and held down by big clamps which retain its position while working its magic on metal. The newest machines in this field are the CNC variants that are now available in the market; these bend metal in a matter of minutes with the use of advanced software giving you pinpoint precision. They are also renowned for their simplicity in usage and enable the user to bend in different varieties, whether it is a U-bend, standard bending or even rotary bending.


The brake is one of the older types of steel bending equipment in the industry and was particularly popular in Great Britain. There are usually three different types of brakes and they are the cornice brake that gives simple creases and bends while the box and pan brakes allow the user to form boxes and pan shapes. Brakes usually have a flat surface and onto which the material is placed and one single clamping brake to hold the metal securely till the bending process is complete. The bends made by a standard brake can go up to a practical range to up to 120 degrees. The box and pan brake are slightly different in terms of its clamping bar as the bar can be removed and readjusted to bend areas that were only partially bent. This gives this type of brake a distinct advantage in the context of its counterparts. There is another type of brake called the Bar folder which is a smaller version and uses a single handle to clamp down the piece of steel and also bend it at the same time but the drawback of this is, that it bend at a much lesser depth.


Bending equipment is classified according to the bends they make, the range and the depth. These machines are constructed to adjust bending angles by various types of measurements like stroke measurements or simply the reference. This equipment has made the life of many a construction worker extremely easy. They have been around in the industry for a considerable amount of time and will not be obsolete in the near future.

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