Types of Forklifts and Where They Can Be Used

Types of Forklifts and Where They Can Be Used

Types of Forklifts and Where They Can Be Used

Forklifts today can be found in many different shapes and sizes. They can also be used for many different purposes. While many of us are familiar with forklifts for just the lifting and handling of materials, they can actually be used for a large variety of tasks according to the type of the forklift. However no matter what the individual name of each type of forklift is, they will all be classified as forklifts largely. However as a business owner, it would be useful to you to know the different types of forklifts available in the market and what each one of them can do. This will allow you to use them the right way in your business. Here are some of the many different kinds of forklifts that are in use today and how you can use them.

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The Counterbalance Forklift

The counterbalance forklifts are perhaps among the most commonly used. They are like trucks that handle all the material being transported from one location to another. Basically, they are really straightforward and can be bought from reliable service providers such as Damoli. They come with two large forks for carrying and lifting heavy materials from one place to another.

The Three-Wheel Counterbalance

Generally forklifts have four wheels. However, as the name suggests, these counterbalance forklifts have only three wheels on them. They are perfect to operate in narrow aisles because they have a much higher level of manoeuvrability and are ideal to use in really tight spaces. While many people may not really be familiar with the functions of a three-wheel counterbalance forklift, it is important to know where you can use them for a business. This way, you can invest in the right equipment for the right purpose.

Reach Truck Forklifts

As the name suggests these forklifts are used in order to reach really extended heights. They are very useful in any warehousing problem with a high rise pallet type storage that can be otherwise out of reach to employees. Reach trucks are available in many different varieties including a Stand-Up and a Double Deep style. The most common variety of reach trucks would be the Stand-Up type and will always be used where there is just one load to be carried per bay. Double Deep styles serve a similar purpose but come with much longer forks which makes them very compatible with hand areas where there are multiple pallets in each bay. They will reach right to the back of the bay and collect the pallets easily.

Pump Truck Forklifts

These are thought of as a little bit of a throwback and are used mostly as a pallet jack. However it is interesting to note that they do not use any electric power in order to lift any materials. Instead of that, they make use of manual labour as the operator is able to pump the jack in order to lift the skids with manual force. Therefore, this might make it a bit more labour-intensive to use than the other types.

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