Tips to Redecorate Your Living Room

Tips to Redecorate Your Living Room

Tips to Redecorate Your Living Room

Are you tired of how colorless and dull your living room feels? Maybe you’re planning to give it a facelift to make it look more modern and interesting. Here are some ideas to help you out.

Get New Seating and Add Cushions

Do you own a collection of old-fashioned sofas and living room furniture you’ve been dying to get rid of? Don’t hesitate to. There are many trendy options like luxury design furniture you could opt for instead. If you can’t afford to get new pieces right away, you could simply think about upholstering the furniture you already have. Pick cheerful colours and patterns such as floral or even neutral hues like grey and white, which are currently in fashion. You could also make use of fun, bright cushions to liven up your sofas and ottomans, along with throw blankets for extra comfort and warmth.

Provide Some Decorative Touches

When you’re redecorating your living room, don’t forget to add a few knick-knacks here and there to keep things interesting. If you’re decorating according to a theme or a particular design you like, get items that fit the style in question. If you’re aiming for a lox look, add a stylish mirror over your mantelpiece, or place a faux fur rug on the floor. You could also add pieces of interest such as wall hangings and artwork, ornaments collected on trips abroad such as traditional masks, vases and pottery. If you’re not much of a traveller and prefer to stick to simple, rustic themes, a lovely bouquet of flowers will do the trick.

New Curtains and Carpets

If your curtains and carpets happen to be faded and moth-eaten, maybe it’s time to replace them. An eye-catching carpet and new drapes can really transform the whole ambiance of a room. If you feel that your living room could use some colour, simply add a curtain in a bold shade or pattern. You can also stick to the theme when it comes to these elements. For a luxury modern living room, choose silk curtains, while linen and lace will suit a more toned down, classic living room. And when it comes to picking a new rug or carpet, choose one with an appealing design and comfortable texture so it feels soft and comfortable under your feet.

Make It Personal

To feel truly at home in your living room, you’ll need to add a few personal touches. A collection of framed family photographs is a great idea. You have the choice of hanging these on the wall or displaying them neatly on the mantelpiece or on a side table. If you happen to be an artist you could always decorate with your own art or sculptures which would certainly be a talking point when guests come over! If you’re talented at needlework or knitting you could even knit your own cushion covers or rugs for a really personal touch. These can really make your living room stand out and look unique.

Follow these tips if you want to give your living room a stylish makeover.

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