The Incredible Benefits of Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems

The Incredible Benefits of Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems

The Incredible Benefits of Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems

Most car owners don’t think about the tyres as much as, say, the engine. But the tyres are the part of the vehicle that actually carries its weight on the road. It’s also the part that comes into contact with the road, determining how mobile your car can be. You actually drive by steering the tyres and it’s the tyres that absorb the shock from road hazards like potholes. Therefore, it’s very important to take excellent care of your vehicle’s tyres.

There are many aspects of tyre care, but none more important than maintaining the right pressure. If the air pressure inside the tyres is too much (over inflation) or too little (under inflation), it would affect the overall mobility and safety of your vehicle. Overinflated tyres, for example, are super rigid and can get easily damaged. Underinflated tyres decrease fuel efficiency. In both cases accelerate tread wear, especially uneven tread wear, require expensive tyre replacements. Therefore, car owners should occasionally have their tyres inspected by a professional.

It’s recommended that car owners have tyre pressure checked every month. This is not the ideal scenario for busy drivers. However, there is a solution: tyre pressure monitoring systems. You can obtain a TPMS from a reputed auto mechanic shop or a dealer. Here are several reasons why everyone needs a TPMS:

Avoid Manual Tyre Pressure Checks

Motorists used to check tyre pressure manually, doing either “press tests” or by inserting a pressure gauge. Those press tests are highly speculative and can be very inaccurate. For example, a rigid tyre that may be overinflated could easily go ignored with a hand press test. Inserting a pressure gauge can be a hassle because it involvesmanually removing the tyre valve stem cap. When you have a TPMS, you don’t have to do any of these things. Once the system is set up, readings can be obtained digitally without a hassle.

Increased Fuel Economy

Having a tyre pressure monitoring system means you are actually getting pressure readings as needed on a monthly basis. That means you can immediately know if a tyre is overinflated or underinflated. When you drive with underinflated tyres, it burns more fuel. Improper tyre inflation generally leads to decreased levels of fuel efficiency. Therefore, having a tyre pressure monitoring system naturally means you burn fuel as efficiently as possible. TPMS leads to fewer fuel costs in the long term.

Improved Safety

Improperly inflated tyres not only lead to tread wear and tear, they also puts vehicle mobility at risk. Drivers have less control of tyres that are not pressurized the right way. That means steering can go haywire. Drivers may have trouble driving in a straight line and driving patterns can become erratic because the tyres are not responding properly. Swerving and high-speed driving can be particularly dangerous. Therefore, it’s not really an option to get a tyre pressure monitoring system.

More Vehicle Value

A vehicle with a tyre pressure monitoring system will be considered more valuable in case you plan on selling your car.

Tyre pressure monitoring systems make vehicles safer and more desirable. Therefore, you may also be able to get lower insurance premiums because your vehicle has an essential safety feature.

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