Signs That It Is Time To Change Your Tires

Signs That It Is Time To Change Your Tires

Signs That It Is Time To Change Your Tires

There is a lot riding on the tires of your car, quite literally. Everything from acceleration to braking, handling, ride quality, traction, and grip are all highly dependent on the state of the tires. Therefore, it is extremely important for you to know not just how to maintain your tires, but also when to replace them. So as you do your monthly inspection on your tires, look out for these warning signs which will let you know that it is time to replace them.

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1. The Penny Test

The tread pattern on your tires is what gives them traction but overtime, it will get worn out. When this happens, the traction of your car will decrease as well, especially on wet and slippery surfaces. But how would you know that your tread is worn out to the point where you should replace the tires altogether? A simple penny should do it.

Simply fetch a quarter or penny out of your wallet and with Lincoln’s head facing downwards, place it between the tread blocks. If the top of Lincoln’s head disappears between the blocks, there is an ample amount of tire tread remaining. If the top of Lincoln’s head is visible after all, it is time to get a new set of tires.

2. Lookout For Patterns Of Tread Wear

Depending on where you have been driving your car, its tires can succumb to premature and uneven wear and tear. The cause can be anything from misalignment to under inflation as well as over inflation. There are some crucial tells to look for.

Any center wear or shoulder wear is definitely the result of over-inflation and under inflation so always take care to keep the tires inflated at their most suitable psi. To help you with this, you can use a tire pressure monitoring system to stay informed all the time.

3. Cracking On The Sides

The side of your tire can also show signs that it is time for a replacement. Any visible cracks or cuts in the sidewall are a clear indication that the tire is on its way to getting a leak. Spot one of those and should be looking to get a new set as soon as possible.

4. Blisters And Bulges

Any blisters or bulges on the tires are a clear sign that the outer surface is getting weaker. A weak spot can give away at any moment and cause the entire tire to blow out. Seen any of those on your car? Get them replaced immediately.

5. Excessive Vibration

We are not referring to the sort of vibration you get when driving along a bumpy road. Look out for the kind that gets worse and worse and gain speed. It likely means that a wheel somewhere is out of balance and that could be caused by unbalanced or misaligned tires. Even if it may not be the fault of a tire, the continued vibration could damage them.

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Respond to these signs as soon as you see them and you will not have to worry about any tire problems while you are driving.

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