Is the Heavy Machinery at Your Worksite Safe?

Is the Heavy Machinery at Your Worksite Safe?

Is the Heavy Machinery at Your Worksite Safe?

Preventing workplace injuries must be a priority concern for companies that operate heavy machinery. Even if you follow all the rules to the dot when obtaining machinery, are the equipment truly safe? In order to find out, you can ask these questions:

Has the Machine Been Inspected?

One of the foremost things that ensure workplace safety with regards to machines in prior inspections. These are not once or twice a year inspections that you are supposed to do anyway. Rather, you need to check machines before they are operated every single time. There’s no need to spend hours checking either. The operators can take just a few minutes to inspect the machine for basic safety. This could save lives. You can then comprehensively check machines every month as well. Don’t ignore this essential safety practise and make it policy at your worksite.

Are Additional Safety Gear Installed?

Machines can always do with extra safety gear. Check the machine in question for additional safety precautions such as limit switches that control electric output. These things could protect against short circuits or fire hazards. Using beam lights, especially in evening conditions, would help as well. Therefore, for extra safety, look for additional precautions.

Is the Operator Licensed?

The question you should ask is not just whether the operator is licensed to handle any machine, but whether the person is qualified to operate the particular type of machine. Heavy machinery often requires very specific operating certificates. Therefore, when you hire drivers and operators, make sure they are accordingly licensed to operate the machine they will be driving. Just a generic license won’t do.

Do the Operators Know How to Enter and Exit the Machines?

This may seem obvious, but most machine-related injuries occur when operators are entering or exiting the machines. Even if the operator is properly trained, they may not take much care when getting in and out. After a long day working, the operators may rush out ignoring basic safety precautions. As the company owner or the manager, you must ensure that workers are aware of the danger in this practise. Run an awareness campaign on this issue and make sure the workers are not just operating the machines properly, but they are entering and exiting properly as well.

Are the Machines Used for Intended Purpose?

Heavy machinery are designed with very specific uses in mind. Your business must always use the machines for the purposes they are built for, and only for that. Trying to use machines for something they are not built for is just asking for trouble. To avoid confusion, make sure you buy or rent the right machine for very specific jobs. Don’t try to save money and use machines for different tasks if they are not built for those purposes. That’s just asking for trouble.

Are the Workers Wearing Protective Gear?

All of the employees at a worksite must wear protective gear. The machine operators may have special types of safety accessories they should wear when driving the equipment. Without the proper gear, even experienced operators can get injured.

The above questions should give you crucial answers regarding safety of equipment at your workplace. So do ask your company these questions.

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