How to Hire a Good Auto Mechanic in Western Australia?

How to Hire a Good Auto Mechanic in Western Australia?

How to Hire a Good Auto Mechanic in Western Australia?

If you own a car, then you probably have a regular auto mechanic as well. But is the auto mechanic you’ve hired actually any good? If you are a new car owner, you could end up sending your car to a bad garage workshop or get ripped-off. Here are several important tips regarding finding a good auto mechanic in Western Australia, especially Perth, and avoiding the bad ones:

Basic Auto Mechanic Skills

Check Their Qualifications

Being anauto mechanic is a skilled job. It’s not like being a barista at the local Starbucks. The Western Australian government certifies auto mechanics under the Motor Vehicle Repairers Regulations in Western Australia. Auto mechanics should undergo training and apply for a certificate from the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation, and Safety. The application process involves getting training from a licensed institute, completing an apprenticeship, getting a police check, among others. So when you hire an auto mechanic in the area, that person should have a certificate from the above-mentioned department. You can check the veracity of the certificate with the local government. Don’t hire an auto mechanic without the right qualification because that means they are not actually trained to do the things they charge you for.

Check the Website

Most auto mechanics now function as small businesses and have websites. It’s highly recommended to check this website before hiring an auto mechanic. The website usually has information about qualifications of the mechanics, auto services provided, warranty information, and a host of other useful information. You can get an idea on whether the auto mechanic is a good fit by first checking out a website like Look for the type of vehicles the service typically repairs. If your vehicle type is not included here, then you should find a place that does often repair your car model.

Look for a Warranty

A good auto mechanic shop offers warranties on the various services. A minimal warranty would last 90 days and a good one could last 12 months. The auto mechanic should offer warranties on all services, unless otherwise specified.

Know about Insurance

Who pays if your car gets seriously damaged during the repair process? Ask the auto mechanic if they have general liability insurance for all works. There are other types of insurance, such as business owner’s policy, that could help you if a worker botches a repair. Ask the shop what recourse you would have if a routine repair job goes south. The auto mechanic should be able to cover all costs and maybe even fix up the damage without charging anything (if you still wish them to do so).

Seek Customer Reviews and Recommendations

Do an online search of the auto mechanic to find out if there are any customer reviews for the service listed on Google, Foursquare or any other website. You can get a good idea about how the service functions by checking out the most recent customer comments and reviews. Additionally, ask around about whether the place you have in mind is any good. Your friends or neighbours may have good recommendations for you.

Follow the above tips to find an auto mechanic you won’t regret hiring in Western Australia.

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