Hobbies for When There’s Time on your Hands

Hobbies for When There’s Time on your Hands

Hobbies for When There’s Time on your Hands

Have you just retired and are now wondering what to do with your time? Or do you find yourself with nothing much to do at home on the weekends? Maybe you should consider taking up a new hobby or two. Here’s a quick list of some fun and easy ways to make better use of your time.


Online Courses

Now, this is less of a hobby and more self-improvement, but why not kill two birds with one stone? There are hundreds of courses online available entirely for free. Sign up for one or two of them, work at  your own pace even, and learn a variety of subjects from prestigious schools like Harvard and Yale. This is a great way to exercise your mind and develop your knowledge.


Is your house falling apart? Maybe there are little things that need repairing all around you. Why not stop by Marshalltown tools, stock up on some handy supplies, and get fixing! You’ll find that you’re doing something useful, and not just killing time, and you’ll have the pride and satisfaction of accomplishing something too.


If you have a garden, why not tend to it yourself. Start a vegetable patch and grow veggies and herbs that you or your family can use in the cooking. This can be fun and satisfying, and the process of gardening is known to be good for the mind and health.

New Skills

Take up a hobby for which you have to develop a new skill, such as painting, or cooking if you’ve never dabbled in it. Learning new skills are also said to be good for your mental health and hobbies like these can always be put to good use. Remember though, it takes time to get good at something, so don’t worry if you’re not seeing results at first. It helps to take a class with an instructor, so you won’t be likely to fall off the wagon easily.


Creative writing is a great outlet for a messy or restless mind, and exercising your brain is never a waste of time. Many bestselling writers also started out just jotting down ideas at home while folding the laundry or cleaning the house. There are plenty of apps that give you writing prompts daily if you’re having trouble coming up with ideas. Set a goal for yourself, such as writing 500 words every day. This will help you form a habit and keep the creative juices flowing.

Yoga and Meditation

There’s nothing better for the health, both body and mind, than meditation. And this is fully backed by science and research, which shows that it actually develops your brain. People who meditate and do yoga have been found to be healthier and happier, and anyone can take up the hobby and see lasting benefits.

These are just a handful of easy and enjoyable hobbies you can take up if you’ve got the time to spare. Even if you don’t, a little bit of time spent on a hobby each week can really enrich your life.

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